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Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
I like Lesco a lot. I think it costs a little more but when I buy it and apply it myself it seems to leave trees (and lawn when I buy it for lawn) greener and overall more healthy (and for longer) than when I ask the lawn guy to fertilize. I think he just buys whatever is cheapest and his workers don't necessarily know how to apply. When DIY I only buy Lesco (which is not organic like Milorganite) and might supplement with something organic.

We have St. Augustine grass and pests (including grubs) and weeds seem to be constant battles (fungus can also be a problem mostly in the winter). We replaced the entire front lawn with new sod about 2 years ago. Within a year it was under attack by sod webworms. I was using a pest control service and I swear whatever they spray weakened the lawn but didn't bother the pests, so I dumped them and am going to start DIY again. I used to know a lot more about how to diagnose issues. I've got a book somewhere I need to dig up. But I do think you can have pests before you see signs of damage and that is probably the best time to treat them vs. reacting to damage. I haven't tried the Bayer pest control so we'll see how it goes.

How do you like the Milorganite? I used it a few times and although I've had mixed results with organic products, I seem to recall it worked well (but my wife complained about the aroma).
Was thinking of using the LESCO pre emergent for next year Spring. Being in my home for the 2nd year last year i didn't know crap about lawns lol so i spent a pretty good time on Youtube watching all these Lawn Youtubers especially Allyn Hayne "The Lawn Care Nut".

Those sod webworms i never knew about until i learned what they are and how they got there. i remember mowing my grass and seeing moths flying out and really didn't think anything of it until i learned that's what lays the sod webworms. i'll be using Spectricide instead of Bayer. That's the thing with hiring Pest Control/Lawn Companies is they try to do the job as fast as possible. i watched my neighbors lawn care service spread fertilizer down and i swear he wasn't spreading down the fertilizer evenly as he made passes almost 15' apart. you can clearly see the fertilizer only spreading about 5' apart leaving almost 10' with no product in between

Love the Milorganite and smells lol trying to keep the lawn organic but i've been interested in the bio stuff like RGS, Humic Acid.
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