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I can't get past the fact that it just looks like an FRS based kit car to me. It's narrow, short wheelbase, and tall. This is so different from the FT-1 concept it's like watching a burger king commercial and then getting the same food in real life. Deflated and lacking the appeal it should have had. Toyota really can't get away from that new Lexus styling and it's exhausting. If you would have told me this was a new LC model, I'd have believed it. Even telling me it was a redesigned FRS I'd believe that. Either of those over the 'mkv supra'
I've been hearing this alot, which is odd to me, because the Supra has always looked (and was a model of) the celica (the FRS), so this is totally in line with the history of both cars.
The Supra and Celica separated in 1986 and had little to nothing to do with each other after that. The FRS (FT86) was supposed to be derived from the AE86. Totally different lines of cars entirely. The Celica and Supra were both longer and wider where the AE86 was narrow and short wheelbase