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Anyone knows how to get audio signal from the car?

I have a 2018 540i, and my project involves in getting audio signal/data from the car's speakers (from CarPlay) and feed that into my own device preferably in the form of 3.5mm or somehow convert it to that.

On my old 2016 328i there was an AUX port. Even though it only takes input, but I was able to split the input so that I can feed audio data to both my device and my car to achieve that.

But on newer models the AUX port got deleted, and currently I don't know a way to easily get that data from CarPlay that I'm currently using.

I did see a video on youtube where you can take out the tweeters on the door, but I'm afraid that the audio frequency that gets played on there doesn't have bass, AKA the 20Hz+ range.

Does anyone know how I can achieve that? Perhaps a split wire from the general range speaker to get the audio data that gets played?

Any idea is appreciated.