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Originally Posted by OkieSnuffBox View Post
So what you're saying is, I may be able to pick up a new, leftover C7 next year for CHEAP?

I picked up my GS last year, a car that has a sticker of $88K, for $65K.

IMO you will always be able to pick up a Corvette dirt cheap if you're willing to wait out the initial rush. I remember a co-worker bought a brand new C7 Stingray in 2014, was all excited to drive it daily to work after waiting nearly 8 months for it. Put down a deposit as soon as he saw it at the car shows.

I think he paid more for his Stingray in 2014 than I paid for my 2017 GS.

I might have mentioned it earlier in this thread, but GM's model has always been to make MORE cars than the dealership network can sell, and let them deal with it. If you're willing to wait, by this time next year you should be able to buy a C8 under MSRP.
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