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Originally Posted by Bimmer Pleaser View Post
A local salesperson told me they have pretty much booked all of their 2020 C8 allocations and are moving on to 2021 models, with delivery of late 2020.

That's meaningless as 2020 allocation is going to be for a very short year. Much like MY2018 there was a "shortage" of C7s when sales finally caught up to remaining inventory for the 3 months that the plant was shut down to accommodate for restructure.

From what I understand, the first customer vehicles won't be built until closer to December of this year, and if GM follows form, 2021 MY will start in August or September of 2020. That means there's only 9-10 months of production for 2020, and would likely create a shortfall for allocations.

Granted, IF their projection of 50,000 annual production is correct, that's still 30,000 C8 sold within the first 3 months of allocation becoming available. That's an incredible number and GM should be very proud and happy.

But just like my OTHER garage queen. The MZ4 Coupe, when it was announced in 2006, ALL available allocations were sold within 4 weeks. I placed my order in 3rd week March of 2006. The car first became available for sale first week of March. I got the LAST available production slot at the 2nd largest BMW dealership in the country. EVERY SINGLE 2006 MZ4 Coupe had to be special ordered and was spoken for in less than 20 days. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

By November of 2006 BMW was putting a $10,000 trunk cash on every MZ4 Coupe on the dealership lot. Turns out, even though every BMW fanboi clamored for a light weight, stiff, bespoke ///M engine 2 seater, there really only is about 800-1,000 of them to be sold in the United States. Once the initial batch of people who wanted it bad bought it, there was zero interest from a wider public for such a specialized, niche car.

While the Corvette does have a much wider appeal than my MZ4 Coupe, and I am happy that at the end of the day only 4,000 were built in 3 years and 1,800 available for North America, making my car one of the rarest modern BMWs, I still don't think there's 50,000 people every year world wide clamoring for a mid engine 2 seater supercar, and that once the initial rush and onset is over, there'll be a glut of C8 Corvettes sitting on the lot at local Chevy dealerships.

Just like every single Corvette generation before it.
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