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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
If it's possible to pick up C7s cheap, I can't think of a better car for the money right now right? I mean they're absolutely fantastic cars, and the ability to still buy one in a 6MT is perfect. Might give those on the fence about getting a C8 without a 6MT a few years to see if they offer one in that variety?
7 MT.

Problem is production has already ceased, and manual inventory is dwindling FAST. I think I read somewhere that even though the take rate is about 25% manuals on the C7, the dealership order rate is along the lines of about 10% or less. Virtually ALL the 7 MTs that I know of within my circle (I actually only know 2 other C7 drivers with 7 MTs personally) were special orders. No dealer would knowingly order a manual unless they know they had a customer lined up already.

So even now, deals may be easy to come by, but if you want a manual, you may have to settle for a color not of your choosing, or options not entirely aligned to your taste, from a dealership hundreds of miles away. I lucked out the 7 MT on the lot that I picked up last year, the ONLY manual at the dealership, had Z07 and the 3LT trim (fully optioned out). But it's in white, which worked in my favor in that the Missus likes white cars, but I wanted one in blue, and there was only 1 blue 7 MT GS within a 500 mile radius.
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