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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
As for someone born and raised in Detroit----there are always loads of Corvettes unsold sitting around with massive discounts. The C8 will be no different....easy $15k off sticker after a couple of years. Every generation has been the same.
I'm giving away my age.

When the C7 first came out, there was some buzz and like every generation of Corvette before it, there's a huge swath of die-hard Corvette owners that put deposits down, sight unseen. There's also a lot of buzz about how the C7 was a dramatic departure from previous generation Corvette in that the rear of the car shares none of the past generation Corvette features (cough *SQUARE LIGHTS* cough). It was controversial for sure, and the C7 never got off the ground like gangbusters the C6 was (note, C6 sales never dropped below 20K units per year!).

The C7 was half way between the revolutionary change that the C8 is, and the evolutionary change that the C6 was. BUT, despite the controversial rear end, the C7 AVERAGED out to have one of the highest units sold per year average of all Corvettes of all time (at least someone with the most recent sales figure has said this, I can't independently verify).

So far, the C8 has managed to capture existing Corvette owner's fancy, without alienating a large percentage because the C7 soften the blows of the dramatic, radically different design. And IF the dramatic departure manages to capture more non-Corvette fans than C7 did, I suspect the sales numbers of the C8 would be closer to what GM hoped it would be, and that unlike Corvettes of prior generation, that buzz may well continue on to MY 2021.

If we're to go by the general public's interest in the car, I suspect it WILL convert a fair share of non Corvette owners. I still think the 2 seater sports car market is way WAY lower than what GM estimated it to be, hence I think it'll be a commercial success, but also, in 12-18 months plenty of C8 will be on lots to be had at or below MSRP...Because that's ALWAYS been GM's business practice. They'll pump out 50K cars even though the market can only sell 40K, and let the dealerships discount it to "move inventory."
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