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finally got a new phone after my HTC thunderbolt's screen cracked, lock button broke, charging port failed, volume buttons used to turn the screen on, using an app to turn the screen off, charging the battery through an external battery charger, spazzing out and glitching after text messages or any sort of action. I'm no hipster with Apple products even though I'm 18 but they're simple and just needed a phone that's compatible with a lot of things. It's no different then any previous Iphone but gets the job done quick and easy and the matte black on the back of the phone is aweome. Apple isn't that bad after all even though I miss my PC which broke a month ago after 2 years..downloading music from Youtube doesn't work on this after the update -__-
its not too late to return it and get a galaxy s3 or a note... heart my red s3