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Originally Posted by ajfoggy View Post
Sorry i just need to make sure I have this right before I mention to the dealership.

If I were having the carbon diffuser fitted today with the standard m sport exhaust I would need the bumper part DB

Then if I fitted the M Performance exhaust I would need bumper part DB'
This is fucking ridiculous. This is my journey of becoming the pokč master of BMW G30 rear bumper covers:
  • Got bumper cover #1 out of the factory, came with the M trim.
  • Installed the M Performance exhaust, which meant I needed to purchase bumper cover #2.
  • Few weeks went by, I decided to get the rear carbon diffuser. Turns out, I need to buy bumper cover #3.
  • Turns out, #3 works just with the regular exhaust. Had to order bumper cover #4 to fit the MPE tips.

Also, the cover #2 was around 70€. Covers #3 and #4 on the other hand, which are made of cheap matte plastic with a manufacturing cost of 10€, were over 400€ each. I'm fucking fuming.