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Originally Posted by DETRoadster View Post
It's actually man-made. It's a quartz product from Pental. I've had marble and granite before and the upkeep was just too much for me. Needed something bulletproof and like zero maintenance. I have a hard enough time keeping up with detailing my car. I can be bothered to detail my counter tops too! We had a guy come out and polish and seal our granite and it looked awesome for like a year but we just couldn't seem to keep it that way.

That's a serious remodel! Looks like new construction! I never would have guessed it was a renovation.

Did you hire it out or do the work yourself?
I've been in construction management for 20 years. Worked for several GC and Developers over the years. I have a consulting company now that does pre-construction service for apartment builders. Takeoffs and value engineering. So doing this remodel was a cake walk in a sense. I did the cabinets, fixtures, painting, all the smart stuff. Hired tile guys to do the floors. A shower guy to do the shower and new drain/P trap. Home depot did the carpet. I bought all the material and just had them quote me labor. Anything quartz related is pretty sweet. Most granite has a bit of quartz in it. Alot of folks are going super durable products like this...or concrete counters. Depending on your interior design, they can really set a room off.

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I don't blame you there at all. Epiphone's are a great guitar for far less than a Gibson. Yes the materials are different and the tone is different but at the end of the day if you're comfortable with what you've bought and the money spent on it, that's all that matters; especially for someone learning. What acoustic are you playing? I sold my Ovation to my ex-wife a few years back to give to the step son for graduation because I taught him how to play and it meant something to him. Although it was for a good cause and he cherishes it, I still miss that guitar. If you haven't ever played an Ovation, make it a point to do so; they're nothing short of amazing.
Yea, super happy with the epi. First one I got had a short. The pickups switch wouldnt work but half the time. Guitar center made it right though. Sent me a replacement. I'll get a new gibson studio or custom in the next year. I'll be ready to throw down $2k on one then. The $330 I paid for this Epi was a bargain so I jumped on it. Usually $450. I bought a Line 6 15w amp to go with it. My acoustic is a Fender. My son's acoustic is a Mitchell. Both top notch. I bought the fender used at a pawn shop near me for $100. My son's mitchell I paid $200 for at guitar center. Already been through 2 sets of strings on my fender.
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