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Originally Posted by saintalan View Post
..... I do get some interference/drop out with (UK) DAB Radio. Not sure that is to do with Dash-cam but I do have wiring to rear camera also which I have heard can be a problem.
I have just installed a Nextbase 312GW dashcam (UK spec G30) following this hardwiring information (really helped BTW thank you). I used F59 but did not remove the airbag trim panel, I just slotted the wires in the gap at the top of it and then down behind the door seal.

I now experience the dreaded DAB radio drop out / loss of distant stations which instantly return when I switch off the dashcam. If the dashcam is working but not plugged into the feed down to F59, again the DAB stations return.

I have tried a ferrite clamp on the cable from the dashcam but it made no difference.

Has anyone an other suggestions please?

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