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Originally Posted by VirtualGuitars View Post
I used block F50 with a fuse tap. That fuse controls the cigarette lighter for the front & rear of the vehicle. No problems whatsoever.
Hey thanks for the walkthrough, I have a 2018 m550i and was planning to have a local guy just install the DR750S-2CH with your instructions

Studying the Z44 circuit diagrams revealed that fuse F59 is completely unused (indicated by a red box with an X) and is directly connected to the switched 12V power bus in the panel, so this is an ideal spot to install a fused expansion circuit using a STANDARD ATO size fuse tap (ie NOT a mini fuse tap) without disturbing anything else in the vehicle. If you need unswitched (continuous) power for dashcam parking mode operation, unused F28 is also available, but you risk running down the car battery if you don't drive the car very often.
But if I want park monitoring, can I use the F28 and add so that it won't run down car battery? Has it been tested with BMW systems? Or should I additionally purchase and stick with your suggested F59?

Or am I completely overthinking the park monitoring and should just rely on blackvues detection during a break in and have it wired exactly like you have it? I was concerned about people keying the car which I don't think would activate the motion sensor

Thanks in advance if you can help!