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Originally Posted by AP View Post
Adding to that, if you can get your bmw connected credentials and login to bmw connected( google that and you should find it)

Once in there map updates are buried a bit not positioned ideally to find and you will have the option to download them to a usb drive. Suggest you use a 64gb one to allow it to fit.
Note the download is specific to this car alone, it's not for any other cars.

Then place in the usb drive of the car and you will be prompted to update, you can do this whilst you are driving , you will still get directions. Once the download has finished the idrive will reboot.
I'm not sure if this process can be interrupted or not (probably but I've not tried) so I chose to do this On journey taking me half an hour or more to allow it to finish.

Ora updates are as previously stated just for small area updates they will not be for the whole map.
Originally Posted by CLABRO View Post
BMW should make it more clear regarding how the navigation map is updated as I wasn't sure either when I first got my car.

In the US, the only map updates that update over the air are the regional maps and you can select your region here (it's under map update):

In the US, the entire map though needs to be downloaded and uploaded to the car via USB.

The above may be different for your father though since you're not in the US.

Pull up the navigation (the actual map) on the iDrive screen and then once you're there, press option on the iDrive controller. There should be something called software information- press that and it will give you your navigation map version (mine is 2016-4 so I need an update):
Thank you both for that, I'll give that a go, I'm pretty tech savvy but I could't figure out how to find the map version at all! On my E92 I just tilt the controller to the right and you can see version there. I agree its definitely confusing knowing quite how to update the maps. The dealer actually told my father it all gets updated OTA (now I know that's wrong!) but I've not seen anything update as of yet, it makes sense that the main map still needs a USB.
Dealer also mentioned map updates are free...however am I right in thinking they are only "free" while you have a paid connected drive membership? Once that runs out are you no longer able to update the maps without paying?