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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
Love salt water fishing. I haven't been out in way too long. I caught a 4' shark by accident a few years ago off Point Pleasant NJ, eerily close to shore. We weren't out for shark and the guy who took us out wasn't prepared for shark. We were able to release him unharmed.

I love fishing down in FL. Grouper, snapper, Dolphin - You never know what you're going to get. I caught a 30# bull dolphin. They are so beautiful coming out of the water before all the colors fade. Good eating too.
Catching a shark for the first time is a real thrill. I remember my first real shark( not counting dogfish) like it was yesterday. I was a 6’-7’ blue shark. I was a teen and it was a battle. It was right after JAWS came out and I felt like Quint.

Mentioned it in another thread, but most times we vacation one of the first things we book is a charter, offshore usually. Last time was Cabo where I finally got my blue marlin.
Dolphin is on my go to list. We catch them here in LI in the summer when the Gulf Stream eddies push west within easy range of boats. Sometimes they can be caught only a few miles off the beach. I always bring a spinning rod for dolphin in case we see something floating on the surface because there’s often dolphin under it. We didn’t have time to search for them this past trip unfortunately.
They are a blast to catch on light tackle and the acrobatics they do is impressive.
The neon blue, green, gold of their skin when “lit up” can only be appreciated seeing it live, tv just doesn’t cut it. A 30lb bull is really something, I’ve never caught one that large. Kudos on your real trophy fish.
Catch em up!
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