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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
stay wrong. I'll stay right. About this and many many other things this year.

I'll wait for evidence she committed a crime along with evidence of where the drone was when shot over Iran, and wait for that Gibraltar oil tanker to be transferred to the US. Wait for Epstein to goto trial and reveal all. Wait for that wall to be built. Wait for Mexico to pay for it. What other magical thinking do you guys have to offer? haha. Stay wrong and stay a sucker

It's all a political hit job. You'll catch up in a few years and claim you knew it all along haha.
Thank you. So glad that you were able to reply in such an intelligent manner. You really showed me. I can only aspire to be such a likable person. Your posts never disappoint.

I must say I'm glad you are a member here. Seeing your posts are like going into Wal-Mart when I feel bad about myself. I instantly feel better about my current situation in life, whatever it may be.

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