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Originally Posted by ADS-UK View Post
I thought you can't patch run flats. Either way, it's perfectly fine to replace one tyre given your low mileage.
Of course you can patch a run flat. Manufacturers don't want you to patch them for two reasons. 1. They don't know how far you've driven on an under inflated or zero pressure tire which can overstress the sidewall and 2) they like selling tires.

It's up to each consumer to determine whether they drove on the tire deflated or severely under inflated for a period of time. If they did, it's advisable to replace the tire. Most situations involve an under inflated tire but still more than 20psi and a quick repair. Those tires can safely be repaired. Unless it's a Goodyear run flat, in which case all bets are off. Worst run flat sidewalls I've ever experienced.
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