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Fact of the matter is "No Good" for the consumer would come from it. Cheaper rate? Yeah, right up until you have a problem, and everything gets microscoped! Like Instant Replay in Sports now. Any analytic after the event is easier than living through it. There is no way you'll benefit, certainly not having the benefit of doubt, or he said/ she said... You speed, reactions, location, habits will all come to play. They'll be no limit on how they can use it to protect themselves, not you!

Why didn't you apply the brake earlier? Did you have a phone in the vehicle? You exhibited a propensity to accelerate quickly from a stop (light or other control devices). Do you always slow down so abruptly? Etc., Etc ...

What next, cameras in the car hoooled up to the module too?

Insane...! Just "NO"... Lol
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