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Nope. Nope and Nope.

I'm not a fan of the wired in technology that is becoming more and more popular. I had an amazon dot for a bit. Thought it was kinda cool at first, then saw on the news where one had recorded a domestic assault/murder. The evidence that the dot recorded was used in the trial. I'm by no means a shady character but I have no desire to allow a company to record the goings on inside my home....unless I'm getting paid for it. The dot was gone about a month after having it. Aside from my asking it "Alexa, play Wu-Tang along with the faint moans of pleasure emanating from the bedroom and 43 year old rambling to himself whilst home alone, there really wasn't any data for them to use against me anyway.

As for the insurance end of this spectrum, I prefer to keep my insurance that I pay for, regardless of the scam factor. If my insurance company knew how I actually drive, no company would insure me.
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