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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
You're assuming all apps are asking you permission to access other data which it doesn't need to do its primary function. And even if you say no to the pop up asking for permission to access specific things on your phone, you're just trusting that the developer is keeping their word.

That's why I brought up GDPR twice in this thread. The law was put out in Europe to establish rights of the individual in controlling how their own personal information is being access, used, and handled. That's why we need such a law here as companies have shown that they have zero regard over our data and will exploit it to only benefit them. All I need to do is point to the Equifax debacle as something that affected huge slews of people. And none of us had any say over how our own personal data is being protected or used.
No, I'm assuming they are all doing it to some extent. And, no, I don't trust a developer to not collect my data when I haven't given explicit permission.

The apps/permissions thing was brought up for those who don't know what's going on, and giving them something to think about and consider. Same goes for social media sites like Facebook, I'm sure most know by now it is sole purpose is to gather and sell user data.

Here's another example to consider. Ever have a verbal, in person discussion with someone and mention a product, only to see ads start popping up for that product? Guess what, it's not a coincidence. That's your phone/tablet/echo/dot/whatever mic listening, processing and selling.

I haven't read the GDPR, and I have no idea how effective it is in EU. But, yes, the US needs something to stop what is happening here.

Anyway, this has gone a bit OT, but I think it's relevant as any and all personal data that is collected with/out our knowledge is detrimental to us in the end. The small amount of benefit to us in trade is negligible.