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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
one thing i think being overlooked is that 981 caymans will also drop a bit. There are alot of 981 owners who refused to buy a 4 cylinder 718 and held onto their baby. Now they have a chance to get a new 6 cylinder car. People who tried for an allocation of a GT4 and Boxster spyder and didnt get it will also look at the GTS.

There is definitely going to be a fire sale on 718s though lol.
Actually it helps them imo....but I'm a biased 981 owner

The new base price of a of the 718 GTS is @ $90K'll get to $100k real quick with Porsche option menu and likely well above that.

The hardest hit will obviously be the current 718 GTS

The 981 Cayman GTS can be had for $65k on up....those prices will hold steady or actually go up due to the 718 model being $40k more.

I know looks are subjective but imo the 981 GTS is much better looking ...the 718 GTS has a rather boring front end that doesn't really differentiate it from the base and S models like the 981 version did.