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Originally Posted by baege View Post
as a former 981S owner (twice), I tend to agree
the 981 has a cleaner overall look to me than the 718
If particulate filters come on the new GTS for the North american market (nobody seems to know if they will), then there is no question that the 981 GTS (or S for that matter) will sound better than the 718 GTS 4.0

I am also not sure if the new GTS will actually feel much faster than a 981 S or GTS...the 718 weighs 200lbs more than the 981 and so the additional torque of 30 ft/lbs of the 4.0 really only evens things out over the old 3.4

the 981 S or GTS is an amazing car and amazing value...I may just get one again one day
Particulate filters are not coming to the US. Just like the 718 GT4 won’t have them. They are only mandated in EU and Porsche has yet to put them on any car in US.