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Originally Posted by Dagamus_NM View Post
Sure is awesome of Mexico to pony up and pay for that wall. Oh wait, it is coming from cuts in medicare?
You actually are actually you are simple enough to believe that??
Just curious. Why do you want illegals coming across our boarders?? Are you an illegal?

Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
DOD funds are not earmarked to pay for Medicare, never was never will be. DOD cash goes towards protecting the Homeland from let’s say MS13 and their ilk, potential terrorists crossing our borders, fentanyl and other poisons killing our children and so much more. Too bad you guys on the left don’t care to protect all our families from bad people who hurt us and our kids every single day. Funny how when oboma was stopping and deporting tens of thousands of them nobody on the left whined, just proving everything it politicized by the left.
You are talking to someone who either can not comprehend reality or hates the country or likely both.