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Originally Posted by baege View Post
a preference for natural aspiration is not just about sound

it's also about the immediacy of the experience...feeling connected to all the controls of the car including the throttle

turbos take away from connection...they create a barrier between the driver's input and the car's response...a lag

Porsche GT cars are aimed at maximizing the connection between the driver and the car

this is why GT cars have NA engines and why I for one will always prefer NA engines
100% agree, and this connection is special, especially in Porsches. Immensely prefer the Porsche GT3 (rode in one) over the 911 Turbo (driven a few), and we all know how fast the Turbos are.

The Turbo is a great Daily in its own right, but the slower GT3 is just beyond thrilling. The sound, the vibrations, the drivetrain, it just adds to the thrill of the experience.....and it's not measurable in stats, but in smiles.

Thus, so happy to see the flat-6 back in the GTS.