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And this just adds to Ferrari's baffling season to me. They were within a .10 of pole with that setup but couldn't carry that over to the race. Also it seemed like they had their front wing figured out coming out of the summer break - my understanding that was the fix that gained them the most improvement in pace. But to then add so much downforce that Renault passes you down the back straight without DRS? I can understand Leclerc being down on pace with the spec 2 engine - but he showed he could match in qualy too but then immediately got driven away from during the race. This has been such a weird up & down season for them.

So what I want to know was how they were so competitive in qualy but then immediately could not keep up with the top 3? Did they have to turn the power up on both cars to a level that wouldn't be close to being reliable to keep pace? So strange.
The car is good for a hot lap but in the race they couldn't get the tyres to work. Vettel did have the grip to start and after that it just went downhill. If you watch the invitation when HAM and RIC passed him you can see the crazy understeer. By the time he got his tyres in the sweet spot they were degraded too much and he lost a lot of time. Same story with LEC, too much understeer going in a corner then too much wheel spin coming out of the corners destroyed his tyres.