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Just got in from Austin today. The entire weekend was epic. We were in the Turn 15 complex hospitality area immediately at the end of the straight. We could see the cars braking from 215 MPH and turning into the Turn 15 complex all the way to them turning into the Turn 8 replica. Really great seats...thanks to Red Bull.

The track staff was excellent and made special accommodations for my brother beyond what ADA calls for. They allowed me do drive my car all the way into the facility and drop him at the seating area. He literally only had to walk 20 feet to get to the area. Thereafter, I went to our parking area in South Dallas and they sent a cart to pick me up and bring me to the hospitality area. They did this all but one time and it made his life much better. Thanks to all of the staff!!

Qualifying: Underwhelming to say the least but I understand the strategy behind Mercedes and their positioning of the cars. Like everyone, I was baffled by the lack of Ferrari speed throughout the entire weekend.

Race: HAM shows why he is a 6 time champion. His tire management was sublime and was the reason he stayed out longer than recommended. His main fault was at the beginning of the second stint to take a bit too much out of the tires early in the stint. The final laps meant he was unable to fight off BOT in an equal platform but he would have been able to resist VER without the yellow flags. The HAAS was only about 150 meters away from our position and each person in our group who had experience on that track agreed that there should have been double yellows at the area leading to the stricken HAAS and back to green afterwards. The car would have been in the trajectory of any car losing brakes or having a DRS error in that area.

Even without the Yellow Flag, Max would have been able to close up but not pass the Merc in HAMs hands. Catching them is on thing...passing another thing, entirely.

The photo is of Ferrari bringing Binotto to the track. They passed right in front of me as I was making my way back to the seating area. Cool stuff!!
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