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Originally Posted by The J-Man View Post
^ Glad you enjoyed the facility. I hated it. Paid a shit ton for "premium" parking, which was in lot F, and had to walk several miles per day through the fields. The shuttles were often not running, and/or total chaos. Day 1 we had to walk from lot f to turn 1. I think it was nearly 5 miles.

Day 2 was in the main grandstand, and I was shocked at the lack of restrooms especially since those are some of the most expensive seats.

Was in turn 15 for the race, and thought that was pretty good, other than abysmal food and drink options nearby.

Other dislikes:
$16 beers. Really? It's not a strip club.

The concerts were total shit shows. My wife likes Pink, so bought the upgraded tickets. Little did I know that "upgrade" meant me and 10,000 of my closest friends. Waited in line for an hour with my "upgrade" tickets and still couldn't see the stage.

The roads going in and out of then track are totally insufficient to handle the volume of cars. It took me 2.5 hours from downtown Austin to get to my seat on race day. I damn near missed the start of the race.

Only one bottle of water is allowed to be brought in per person? That should damn near be illegal. Preventing peole from bringing in a basic life necessity as they sit in the baking sun is unconscionable.

At the end of the day, I was embarrassed that all of the foreign visitors were seeing all of these things and shaping their opinion of the US based on their experience at the track.

I predict a sharp attendance drop next year!
I just flew in from Austin.

It was a great event for sure. I was there for all 3 days and our seats were by turn 4 and 9. Sunday weather was just gorgeous.

We were on lot N and it was ok, 3rd day we scored a spot right by the gate so no complaints there.

There were "normal" beers for $12 and $16 for premium. I thought the food was horrible overall and on day 3 we went straight to Pizza Hut (sad).

Traffic in and out of the event was unacceptable and the back roads were horrible. I am hope they will improve them by next year.

Overall it was a great event but nowhere near being some of the other cities that host this event. But I am glad, I went.
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