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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
I just flew in from Austin.

It was a great event for sure. I was there for all 3 days and our seats were by turn 4 and 9. Sunday weather was just gorgeous.

We were on lot N and it was ok, 3rd day we scored a spot right by the gate so no complaints there.

There were "normal" beers for $12 and $16 for premium. I thought the food was horrible overall and on day 3 we went straight to Pizza Hut (sad).

Traffic in and out of the event was unacceptable and the back roads were horrible. I am hope they will improve them by next year.

Overall it was a great event but nowhere near being some of the other cities that host this event. But I am glad, I went.
Ah yes, I forgot about the $12 beers. Was that for bud light or something? Heineken which is NOT premium was $16. Ridiculous.

This event was an extremely poor showing for F1 and COTA. There was record attendance due to the Netflix documentary and COTA shit the bed. There was a real opportunity to bring new fans into the sport in the US. Instead, fans were shown that F1 means walking through fields for miles, drinking bud light and waiting in line for overflowing port a pottys. Not exactly the premium racing experience that F1 conveys. F1 fans have high incomes and aren't accustomed to "roughing it." Quite honestly, NASCAR races have better facilities despite the lower rent crowd.

COTA better proceed carefully. F1 is a fickle mistress. Between fan complaints and driver complaints about the track conditions, it's not out of question that COTA could be dropped from the schedule, especially if Miami proceeds.