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Originally Posted by AP View Post
I have a 540i and posted a similar question last year.
My take on it is stick with 95 and save your money. Whilst 99 may give some minimal increase in power I really only think you would notice this under racing conditions.
I have tried 95 and 97 and can't tell any difference.
Higher octane fuel may give a very small benefit in fuel consumption but the extra cost of the fuel wipes it out.
The premium fuel may offer some extra cleaning benefits so perhaps worth a try from time to time as regards that but in summary my view is to stick with 95.

I think there is a lot of imagination taking hold when evaluating these fuels , any comparison would have to be undertaken under laboratory conditions to be of any meaning.

I now await a raft of follow ups with different views!
Hi mate

Thanks for that its a difficult one some people say its good for cleaning the engine and you can get some extra MPG out of it.

Say if i did go for the 99 RON try it a couple times and see if there is any difference if not there is no issue going back to RON 95 wont mess up the engine in any way because going from a high octane to a lower?
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