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Originally Posted by AlphaOmega4 View Post
2 things for me.

1. Suckfest.. I dig this set up way more than 6.0 and my 2018 540I build will be arriving to my dealer around May 4th but looks like this update will not be for 2018 G30's... Or is this a software that could be upgraded for 2018 models ?? any chance ?

2. The 759 Wheels (same 20" wheels I have coming ) look pretty sweet in Black... Makes me think this could look pretty incredible on my Bluestone especially with the Gloss Black Grill, side grills and Black 540I emblem.

waited too long for my new 5 as is and certainly not going to wait any longer just for the possibility of a new dash set up.. especially as the way I read it It will first be for the X5 and then the new 3'er ... My guess is this will be available on the 2019 G30.

So when my 3 year lease is up I'm sure most kinks will be ironed out in the new system plus there will probably be some great updates along the way.

Ready to enjoy my new 540I... but my wheels may be getting the same black treatment

Haha what a relatable response. It does look sweet and I would t worry about 2019s those come out this summer before the next 3 series reveal or x5... doubt youíll see the visual update though especially due to those metal inlays. I think model year 2020 makes sense for summer of 2019. Iím in the same boat and actually couldnít wait for the 3 actually (and it wonít be really a great deal for another 2 years anyhow) so went for a 5 since my current lease is up and deals are real good. Also awaiting order on a Med Blue, 530e specifically. Iíve never been sold on the black rims though but I do like gunmetal... lol which ends up looking that way with brake dust. One thing I wish I could get are the satin accents on the M550ix- n those rims. Not too into so many spokes but I think Iím more stoked about the general interior- so I think both of us will just have to be happy with what we get.