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Originally Posted by babaikram View Post
That is one disadvantage of HUD. It does not allow one to be gazing at the beautiful digital cockpit of G30.
In my current car, I have a HUD and analog dials and I rarely look at my gauges other than for gas readout. I don't know about disadvantage but certainly two competing items that makes the dash a lot more pointless.

If they incorporated all the same into the HUD I'd see little point for any dash other than a backup. I think changing music is my favorite part of the HUD... I'd be happy to see a full nav/map on the HUD over the the Dash though.

The polarity issues are still an issue of course as it can be hard to read sometimes. Not having anything really digital besides a nav currently, I guess I will be happy with the upgrade even if its not this new fancier version seen here.