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i think they definitely are reacting to keyboard warriors a hair. I don't think you can go all screen either in current forms like Audi is doing with the a6 and Merc half did.

Every-time i see the comments on car blogs, the unassuming those who never drive these cars think Audi and Merc are better from what they see in pictures/videos.

In reality it's a big difference. I maybe bias based on ordering a 5 coming from a 4, but the whole new G series BMWs have the best balance of interior design and tech with form and function in the luxury atmosphere. Audis components are probably the nicest but in my opinion their use of it is not best and the interior has too much slab, hard cornered design in total. Plastics aren't great either.

Mercedes has the nicest interior desing but their UX and infotainment is not a pleasant experience and a screen stretching from middle to drive is weird. They win the "i can haz bezel" game since 2012. I hate the hell out of it.

In person new gen BMW has taken a huge leap forward... they have the best 360 camera function and no other manufacturer has one that nice or well done in any combination i've seen in any luxury brand. They lighting took a good jump too.

With this updated dashboard design I think they further prove their tech is actually nice/fun to look at and actually something you will use. Nothing is forever but it took me til a customized F series layout to actually dig BMWs interiors at all.

I think BMW carries over a core theme from their cars into their interiors now. Their design to functionality is just like their weight balance distribution. 50/50.