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Originally Posted by scottlilo View Post
I know this is old, but what a great find!

Is there any news on whether the 2020 5 series will see the new digital dashboard?

It's really interesting they chose to showcase the 5 series in the press release photos for this.

If the 2020 M550i includes the new digital dash + Driver assistance Professional (Mobileye Eyeq4 Trifocal), I would upgrade from my 4 series in a heartbeat!
Nothing concrete, but dealers are telling people no major changes for the MY2020 (they would say that). I would imagine it will MY2021 as that is when The G30 will get the LCI. Can't see them putting in ID7 before that.

Originally Posted by clee1982 View Post
they'd better do over the air update on this...
What do you mean? Are you saying that the current cars should be upgraded to this system over the air?

Or just that the new system should be able to get OTA future updates?