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CarPlay and warranty

Thought it's worth sharing my experience. Now, I don't mean to scare people or negatively impact those who sell CarPlay solutions, but more so something for people to consider before installing. This is really more relevant for cars under warranty.
I recently purchased CarPlay from a online seller. CarPlay itself worked perfectly fine. I then had a unrelated issue which required a software update. The dealer refused to update the head unit software citing the unofficial install of CarPlay. I then Went back to the seller of CarPlay who by the way was exceptionally helpful and removed CarPlay. This does require obtaining a fsc repair pack to reinstall after the head unit been flashed.
I then took it back to another dealer who updated the software with no issues. Speaking with an engineer whilst I was there, the whole CarPlay conversation came up. Bmw techs have been issued to guidance to look out specifically for unofficial CarPlay installs and refuse software updates as it 'may' cause issues.
Moral of the story, if your cars under warranty and CarPlay is that important then purchase via connected drive. Btw, this is in the Uk, so can't comment on how willing dealers are in other countries.