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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Plus direct competition from BMW in the forms of the E46 M3 for the Z4 M Coupe (2 more seats, $8,000 less MSRP) and M2 Competition (2 more seats, marginally more expensive). Had they (BMW and Yota) priced both the Z4 M Coupe and the Supra about $10,000 less, I believe there's a legitimate market that exists that DO want a funky little sporty car like this.

But not big enough to support selling more than a few thousand copies a year, IMO.
I saw all the text and wasn't going to read. Saw you posted and read the entire post.

I think you are correct.

I loved the Z4 when it came out and desperately to buy one, but just finished college at the time and couldn't justify it. I ended up getting a Z4 coupe several years later. Love the car and I am currently feeling the market for what is next. If I was going to spend ~$60k it is hard not to choose the M2 or the C8. I'll likely land on a used Jag Ftype R or C7 GS for a bit under that mark.

I like the Supra, but not enough to buy it. I really hate all of the fake vents on it. Maybe when depreciation takes it till on the price...