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Originally Posted by alex2364 View Post
People keep saying they rather get a $60k C8. I donít know about anyone else, but I donít buy stripped $60k sports cars. A nicely equipped C8 is more in the $75-80k range and thatís a good amount more than $55k Supra.
I am probably a bad example because I DID buy a loaded up C7 Corvette with every single options ticked, but thatís only because it was one of the few 7 speed manuals available within the LA Metropolitan area. One or two more options and the MSRP would have rested $90k

If I were to spec out one RIGHT NOW, I couldnít because thereís no manual option, but I would have gone with the Z51 1LT base model ($65K) and nothing else. If you watch Corvette sales trends, youíll find over 60% of all Corvettes sold are base model, base trim, bare essentials cars.

The Grand Sport I bought sat on the lot because it had ALL the options ticked except for the Heritage package and CF aeros. At $88k it was way beyond what typical Corvette shoppers were comfortable with.

Frankly I can live without the bulk of the amenities that comes with the upper trims, since a base Corvette comes very well appointed to begin with. On a BMW? Sure, Iíd load up on some option packages because they nickle and dime you with features. But I guarantee you more than 50% of C8 orders fall between the absolute base $60K to minimally equipped around $65k.

After all, the. VAST majority of Corvettes are just garage queens and few can tell the difference between a 1LT and 3LT with front axle lift from a glance.
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