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Originally Posted by knowthebattle View Post

Waterbottles and Ironingboards.....sounds like waterboarding but they were just getting thrown at me.


The crazy ones are also the most fun lol.
I'll agree to the crazy ones!!!! Always a blast to "date" but a good rule of thumb is to never get too involved with them as this usually ends in being the target of objects such as ironing boards and water bottles being thrown at you.

I took a girl out once, I ended up marrying her; she was the second wife. We went to a friends house to hang out and have some drinks. This was the first time they were meeting her. She decided she wanted to wear an eye-patch just to see how they would act. I thought it was hilarious. After we had a few drinks she started changing the eye she wore the patch on. No one picked up on it or even mentioned it until she got drunk and got an eyelash in her eye. She didn't think twice about raising the patch and started rubbing it profusely in front everyone. She was a blast to be around. One of the funniest people I've ever met......she was also a demon spawned succubus.