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Originally Posted by bobmos View Post
I took a break. I took off 2 years of 5 series ownership to try an X4 (very short lived) and an X5 (16 months over 2 winters).

I took the break because I was kind of bored of the same old thing, and because I found that I liked my 2013 F10 more on my 18' winters than on my 20" summers. Despite what I thought then and continue to think were strikingly good looks, that '13 just had too harsh and noisy a drive.

Last fall I pre-ordered a used 2018 540i. I knew of a 6 month special lease that was starting in October and ending in April, 2018. I had an idea what mileage it would have, and the price was pre-fixed. In my favor was the ability to drive my X5 through another winter and walk away if I chose not to take it when it was brought in at the end of the deal.

By the middle of December I knew it would be mine and I would once again have a 5. My wife, who has always patiently supported my BMW addiction for 25 years absolutely hated the X5. In simple terms, it made her sick. The trucky sideways rocking completely turned her off to the point where she never wanted to take my car when we would go out. She actually said "get another 540!"

So I have had it now for 3 weeks, and I have to say that I am completely and totally surprised by the differences between the G30 and the F10. Forget the incredible new techno options (which blow me away by the way!)... the car once again drives like a dream. It is by far quieter, smoother and more refined than I could possibly have expected. It is quicker, to the point where I don't automatically hit the sport button and pop the shifter left anymore when I want to jackrabbit form a stoplight. And, when I do hit the sport button, the car gives up nothing in comfort or noise anymore.

And, despite its size, it simply doesn't feel so big anymore. It reminds me of my '03 540i, my most favorite of them all.

I see some people finding minor fault with this and that, and I suppose I might find a few if I was driving her daily on long commutes. I just simply wanted to point out that I really feel like BMW has figured out finally how to make this size work.

This is my 12th 5. I started with a '92 535, and I have even owned a 550 GT in the mix between all those V8's and straight sixes.

I am so happy to be back.
Great read man. Welcome back