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Originally Posted by drivethemachine View Post
OP - I *think* I saw a video of your exhaust somewhere on Instagram. Sounds awesome!
Question: can you control the valve from the cabin? With a hybrid the loud exhaust kinda only makes sense when you're in Sport mode. In Comfort I would want it to stay whisper quiet as the gas engine goes in and out. What's your solution like?
I dont have a valve, its not very loud when in eco or comfort mode, cant really hear it too much with the windows up. But its definitely louder than stock, but nothing that bothers me, no drone. Its louder in sport and sport + mode. But if you want whisper quiet then maybe stick to stock or find an exhaust option with a valve, but I'm not aware of any. I've had exhausts on all my cars in the past, so its something I like and dont mind.

Originally Posted by gertvds View Post
Very nice build and modifications. I'm looking to add 9x20 and 10,5x20 wheels to my 530e too - can you let me know the ET-values (offset) for your wheels and if they touch the body of the car when going over a bump ? The guys from my tyre-center say they are pretty much sure are too wide for the car ... but that's obviously not correct as I've seen multiple people here mounting that size already. But seen spacers are not allowed in Belgium I'm looking for the right ET-values to have the correct stance (without the potential use of spacers).
The 20x9/10.5 will definitely work, on stock suspension 20x9 +30 20x10.5 +40 will fit flush inside the fenders, if you're lowering it you can push the front and rear out 5mm and it'll still be flush. Hope that helps!