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I have been using the stock BMW leather cleaner and conditioner on my F10 and now G30, both with ivory white Napa leather. Couldn't be happier. Seats retain stock appearance and clean up really well, especially blue jean dye. You do have to rub a bit in the same spots a few times, but it does work. As others have said, you can't let it go too long between cleanings. 4-5 weeks makes it easy to clean, 5 - 10 mins or so. I use white cotton washcloths so that I can see the cleaner pick up the blue jean dye. The white cloths look light blue when I'm done, and the seats look new. I haven't tried other products, but I can't imagine any others being easier to use or getting better results than the seats looking new for years. When I traded in my F10 the dealer was stunned how nice the seats looked. PS I also use a barely damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the dash, console, doors and seats every time I wash the car. That helps to keep the interior looking new overall.
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