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Originally Posted by saporitj View Post
Like I said I'm going with the BMW leather car system for now.
I have Merino leather so I got the LLumar Stratos series Tint with 99.5% UV protection. It's a double layer film w/ one of highest UV block. I also keep all the back windows shade up. Like the look. Windshield tint isn't legal in VA. LLumar make a clear film with UV protection for leather dash but I didn't get. So I recently got polarized sunglasses. Besides causing the HUD to disappear, I notice rainbow colors when looking through tinted windows. So glad I didn't have windshield done.

Retired so car spends most of the day at home in the garage.
Glad to hear the BMW products are working well for you. Do these products have any odor? The last time I had a car with leather, I applied a leather cleaner, and years later the car still has the weird chemical smell...