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Originally Posted by aerostar View Post
Well, regardless, have you driven those cars?

The X1 is god awful. And the regular 3 series isn't much better.
I guess it's relative - it's not awful for a commuter, or for the price. Compared to a traditional BMW M car, yes it's horrible. I paid 36k OTD including tax / fees for my wife's X1, and does a great job carrying groceries and my baby, which is basically all that it is used for. If one paid closer to 50k with the bigger motor, x drive, m sport etc, yea I would probably consider that car horrible for the cost. I cross shopped the X1 with Subaru Forester sport, Lexus NX, and the X1 IMO shined above the rest. The x1 is a budget SUV, and the price is competitive if optioned well.

It's hard to compare the F82 to the X1, as my F82 literally cost two X1s.
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