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Originally Posted by IK6SPEED View Post
So the 3 Series is cheaper than the 1 / 2 Series...hmmmm.
In basic config, probably. 2's go for the 40's, 3's in the 30's. only way to know is to see which cars are being returned. (and we are sure these are proper sales and not leases which get 'sold' to the leasing company?)

As for the comments on the X1, it's basically best of the breed if you're shopping in that market space.

While the study ruled out the loaner tricks that dealers/mfr's do for sales, does it talk about repo's? Or upgrades? I imagine a repo wouldn't be a trade in, but an upgrade might. In other words, yes they traded but did they stick with the brand?
I can imagine that since those cars come with so few features on their 'starting price' models that people get disgusted when a base kia has more 'stuff' in it and move to either another brand, or just better equipped model of the car they like. (i.e. BMW's 'premium' package which should be standard equipment).
Either way, would love to know more. Personally I'm happy with people trading in nice cars at 12 months, because it means I can grab one that's basically new, with warranty, for a nice discount.