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Just got a recall

SEP 27, 2019 |Recall Campaign No.19V-684
Rearview Camera Display
Status: Remedy Available
Last Updated: OCT 09, 2019
Description of Problem

The rearview camera display may not fully conform to a Federal requirement. If the brightness is set at/near its lowest setting, and the contrast is set at/near its highest setting then, at the "next backing event", the display may not meet a Federal requirement.

Safety Risk

At the "next backing event", if a vehicle operator relied on the displayed image, with brightness set at/near its lowest setting, and contrast set at/near its highest setting, then in certain lighting conditions, this could affect the visibility of certain object behind the vehicle.. However, vehicles are equipped with a Park Distance Control (PDC) system which alerts vehicle operators, both audibly and visually, to objects behind a vehicle.

Description of Repair

The rearview camera software will be updated to reduce the brightness and contrast adjustment range.

For additional information or assistance, please contact Customer Relations and Service at 1-800-525-7417 or via Email at


it's time like this I wish BMW can do true OTA update..., maybe I can persuade them to update the entire North America map while at it...