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Tfb: Thanks for the notes and clips! That Armytrix exhaust does sound mean! Too bad it's a bit expensive for my tastes! Have you tried the Remus exhaust? I know you mentioned that Remus is deeper than Armytrix, but Armytrix is louder and pops more. Does Remus also make popping/banging on downshifts or upshifts? Also, on letting off the throttle does it make the burbling?

How does Armytrix and Remus compare to MPE?

I am trying to find an exhaust that can be quiet when I'm just cruising and scream when I go Sport+ and drive more aggressively. I also love pops/bangs/burbles

Ictus: Thanks for the clips! Hmmm....I think it does sound good and makes some nice popping when revving it. Does it do that when driving? Is there any drone when in comfort with windows up on the freeway? Also, I see that you have the catback this worth it? For me in the US, it costs almost another $800...not sure if it's worth?