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Originally Posted by Rulz View Post
I just love your 530e, but I can't get out of my mine, 90MPGish ? damn it!! I am struggling on mine (530e) with 40 MPG, how do you get it ? I only charge one way to work, the other I relay on GAS ( each way 13 miles )...
Originally Posted by Markw123 View Post
in the UK i get 45mpg, i charge every night, but have motorway trip of 30miles so uses the unleaded... i suppose it be better if i slowed down
i love the car but it isn't really worth it , probably 7-8mpg over a normal u/l
maybe it all adds up
Originally Posted by Rulz View Post
Exactly. We are getting about the same mileage. 40-45 is about right , but 90mpg? That's way to good.
Yeah, sorry you guys are right, its really more like 38-40mpg average on a tank. The app was telling me 90 mpg, not sure why lol.