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We use the grill in the backyard 12 months out of the year including in the rain. I just bought a "new" one last week and put it in the island on Sunday. I've been using Turbo's by BBQ galore for 20 years so it's 3 burner version but the kicker was it was 10 years old still in the box never used. Close to perfect condition, couple scratches I buffed out and now have an extra set of burners and grates(mine were only 2 years old) BBQ frame was 15. Scored Craigslist $200 total.

I do have a question TXStyle, how do you like the grill mates now after a few uses? I ask because as you said every BBQ flares from a $100 version to my brother in laws 3K Viking, they all flare to some extent. I have the flame tamers that Turbo uses but like the idea of covering half my grill with those if for no other reason else veggies grilled would be easier than using the grill basket and cleaning that thing. Any downside you've experienced as I am about sold on that idea and ready to measure and order for half the grill surface.

BTW care to share that Chicken Marinade looked good and we eat a lot of chicken.