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I've had a ruptured disc L5/S1. Symptoms were sciatica down the left leg, random shooting pains, could not sit for prolonged periods of time.

For pain management, you can:
1. Go to physical therapy - where they will teach you stretches and exercises to strengthen your core
2. See a pain management specialist - to develop a medication program to help you cope with any pain
3. See a spine/neuro specialist to discuss if surgery will alleviate the pain.

Ultimately time will tell if you need to take the last option above. I waited 6 months before finally agreeing to surgery and trying all the above options. At my worst, I would get a shooting pain that made me collapse to the floor and the pain med dosage was being upped on a weekly basis to deal with the pain.

If your disc is only bulging right now, your body will slowly bring it back into place. A chiropractor can offer temporary relief by decompressing the spine, but will require frequent touch ups. You'll need to make a conscious effort not to put pressure on that part of your spine. No deadlifts until it is completely healed. This could take up to 6 months to a year. Stretching and core strengthening can also help.

Feel free to PM if you need any more tips. Back pain and surgery is no joke. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies.
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