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Originally Posted by Irishsig View Post
I don't have a herniated disc but I do have foraminal spinal stenosis (somewhat common), basically the narrowing of the spine which can cause pinched nerves.
As I got older it was happening more and more.
The pain is debilitating.
I'm bedridden for the first couple days when it occurs then I can start slowly gimping around like a 90 year old man, but the slightest twist of the spine during this period and I get a full body shock of shooting pain.
Bad enough where I let out a yelp every time and have to control my breathing so as not to have my back tighten up too much again and cause more pressure against the nerve.
It's especially difficult for someone like me who is active and fit.

After a couple bouts with this I was given a book by Pete Egoscue "Pain Free".
It really changed my quality of life.
It basically explains how most injuries can be managed with the proper daily exercises/stretches AND posture.
The exercises are forms of basic yoga stretches/posses.
It also goes over how improper posture or gate in your walk can and usually does affect other areas of your body.
It's broken down into chapters that target specific injuries/parts of the body and discusses which exercises are best.

After doing the exercises 20 min every morning for a couple months I was mostly pain free for 5 years.
It's something that will need to be my daily routine for the rest of my life, SO worth it though.
Just had another bout 2 months ago only because I was too sedentary at work in a crap chair.
But I'm back to normal again and have added other stretches to my morning routine.

I recommend this book to any of my friends with back injuries which seems to be more and more.
Probably due to poor posture and sitting at a desk staring at a monitor for hours on end without taking breaks to walk around and stretch.
I found this is what worked for me, but everyone is different.
Good luck with your progress.
This...avoid surgery at all costs, greater than 50% of all fusion patients will still live with chronic pain requiring opiate painkillers. I went to physical therapy initially and practice yoga religiously, after a disc was torn as a result of a motorcycle accident 30 years ago. Since then I have been able to do triathlons and competed in the Ironman. The bicycle can become your friend, once you are up and able to move, start cycling, it's non destructive and a great sport. If you don't want to buy a bicycle go to spin class, just make sure you adjust the bike to fit you. Good luck!