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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
So what is this machine that they use for the classes? What movements do the classes consist of?

Do they have a good amount of people in the classes? I cannot imagine paying anywhere close to that much.
Hard to explain but it's basically this moving platform that moves as you pull on various straps. You can attach one to many springs on this platform to increase the resistance.

It's kinda like barre and Pilates on cocaine in a sense that it's all about slow and controlled movements (you pretty much have to, because if you don't, the platform will fly back and forth too quickly causing you to lose your balance) and holding various reps for several seconds.

I can see the usefulness since it works out muscles that I normally wouldn't work out but it's hard to justify with the price. They tend to offer sales where you can buy a batch of classes at an "ok" price but outside of that, it's hard to pay the prices they ask.

And no the classes are super small (less than 10), about 50/50 girls and guys, but that's good since the trainers make it a point to know you by name and are always critiquing your form.