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Originally Posted by pixlplague View Post
Sorry to hijack the thread but I can't post new threads yet

So just got my G30 and for the life of me can't get my Galaxy S7 to give me SMS, emails, or anything else than phone calls really.

I don't even see the option anywhere in iDrive, like the phone isn't even connected. Yet I can make and receive calls fine, and my phone seems properly connected.

Emails never worked in my previous F30, but text messages did work fine. I can't fathom this is impossible to do in ANY car in 2017, let alone a 5-series... but cell phone compatibility isn't BMW's finest work...

I had a Galaxy S7 and it worked just fine, now using the S8+ works like a charm. When you are setting up your bluetooth connection on the Android, pay attention to the prompts you get on the phone. It will ask you to give it permission to sync and access your Phone Book, and Messages or it might say MAP(Message Access Profile) Access.